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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Weird and Unrelated Things a Google Search Gives You

I'll reserve today's original post topic for another time since I'm utterly fascinated with the bizarre mindset of Google.  I have to share the findings of what I figured would be a supposedly simple search for one thing that ended up with some gonzo, unrelated results.

Now, any Google search vet, particularly one seeking images related to a certain subject, will tell you that eventually you're going to find something containing a skimpy-clad model, full-on nudity or outright belly slapping.  It's guaranteed.  Put in a search for images of people smiling and you're certain to find something that'll really put a smile on your face if you're in need of such a fix.  On the other hand, the miscellaneous flotsam Google can fetch you just defies logic.

Case in point, this morning I'm searching for the album cover image to George Jones' Icon 2 compilation.  Put in "George Jones Icon 2," it stays pretty much on course to Mr. Jones and country music, but it gives you a misprinted version of the album cover and no sign of the correct one no matter how far you scroll.  Phooey.  Going under "George Jones Icon2" with a closure between the "icon" and "2," I got what I was looking for sure, but let me pass along a sample of the befuddling images Google provided me under this search:

Country fried steak:

Oliver Hardy and Mae Busch from Their First Mistake:

Curious George (my kid would dig this):

Cardinal George Pell:

Lt. Uhura from the Star Trek animated series:

One of a handful of swimsuit divas represented by Agencia de Modelos:

Saxophonist Michael Lington:

G.I. Scout Rasta headphones:

Well, at least there are a couple of loose-ended "George" connections including musician George Benson, who you can also find in this search.  Where Tim Tebow, Fredi Washington, Gregory Peck, Sarah Jones & Alfie Boe or cupcakes have a connection to George Jones is beyond me.  What, no mason jar filled with white lightning?  Whewwwwwwwwwww.   WTF, Google?

                         Listenin' to:  George Jones - Icon 2

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