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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Triple Play - 6/29/14

This week's Triple Play goes international.  Our first port is Tokyo, Japan and a live rendition of the blistering "Pink" from Japanese distortion wizards, Boris.  Having just reviewed their latest album Noise for Blabbermouth, I'm all energized as hell, just as I am anytime I pull their music down.  This is truly one of the greatest bands on the planet and they peel the paint off the walls whenever they play live, as I've discovered twice.  This clip from MTV Iggy Live is a pretty good taste of this trio's power. 

Our next stop is Africa and a long stint of Rebel Rock/Afrobeat from the late lion Fela Kuti.  Here you get his hip-shaking, venomous "Expensive Shit," which refers to an incident where he reportedly had drugs planted on him by local police in order to make the cuff.  Finally, we visit the UK (and France, by attrition) with Stereolab and their insanely adorable electro-pop ditty, "Cybele's Reverie."

The endpoint to this week's Triple Play is that music is intercontinental and universal, regardless of our differences in culture, race, language and customs.  Music is the great neutralizer to life.  You don't necessarily have to understand what's being sung if the performance is that strong and full of conviction.  Look past your own borders and see what's going on in the world.  Cadence comes from every corner of Mother Earth, so don't take what's force fed you at home.  A global mindset will lead you to some of the finest vibes you'd been missing out on otherwise.

Boris - "Pink" MTV Iggy Live

Fela Kuti - "Expensive Shit"

Stereolab - "Cybele's Reverie"

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