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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday Triple Play - 5/11/14

New feature here at The Crash Pad, Sunday Triple Play.  Without much explanation needed, I'm sure, I'll be tossing out three song clips each Sunday, and it's a guarantee I'll be mixing up genres.  That's just how I roll.

For the first go-round, I'm hitting you with some funk, some punk and some Goth.  Funk Factory recently came to me upon recommendation from Image Comics artist Mathew Reynolds.  If you hear more than a couple familiar slices here that remind you of the Beastie Boys, it's no coincidence.  Quite a few samples were lifted from this track, "Rien Ne Va Plus."

After that, we bear witness to a young Henry Rollins and Black Flag in their hilarious rip on apathetic couch potatoes, "T.V. Party."  Those are followed by a personal all-time favorite, S.S.Q. (as in onetime eighties diva, Stacey Q) and the uncomfortably sensuous "Tonight (We'll Make Love 'Til We Die)" from the classic horror romp, Return of the Living Dead.

Hope you dig... 

Funk Factory:  ""Rien Ne Va Plus"

Black Flag:  "T.V. Party"

S.S.Q.:  "Tonight (We'll Make Love 'Til We Die)"


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