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He has contributed essays to UK author Neil Daniels’ Iron Maiden and ZZ Top biographies. Ray’s fiction has been published in various periodicals and anthologies, including his flash fiction piece “Off the Record” for Akashic Books’ “Mondays Are Murder” noir series. His recent short stories “Before the Ball” and “Widow” were featured in subsequent editions of Alex S. Johnson’s Axes of Evil anthologies. Ray wrote serialized original superhero fiction for Cyber Age Adventures and five of those stories appear in the anthology Playing Solitaire. He was the winner of Quantum Muse’s fiction contest in 1999.

Ray is a former NHL game analyst for The Hockey Nut and one-time host of the forum “Comic Books” at ReadWave. He has done beat reporting, photography and lifestyle articles for Metromix, an affiliate of The Baltimore Sun, Carroll Magazine, The Northern News and The Emmitsburg Dispatch.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Clarity" (A Poem Inspired by Bad Religion's "Sorrow")

Clarity (Inspired by Bad Religion’s “Sorrow”)
Ray Van Horn, Jr.

What is it that I seek?
Why does the destination
mean more than the journey?
Words are just words
but they sting and they sanction
when I’m the craftsman and the craft
my soul kept before your eyes

Pick any window and it’s the same old view
life is shit and life is bliss
it moves faster than I can inhale
I sag and I writhe
I stand tall and I sigh
Can pleasure subjugate misery?

Why does family often go to their graves
without settling debts of forgiveness?
Why does the generation gap
factor into antiquated absolution?
Why is handing a homeless man a bite
less heroic than winning a hand?

Faith sustains me but I don’t believe
I pray the voices in my head unite as one
and tell me they’re God symbiotic
and to never fear Christ’s blood spilled
I am cleansed and I am healed
and there will be...sorrow...no more...

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